The knowledge of Central Power is not widely known amongst the general public. Dating back over many thousands of years at a time when wars were non-existent. The knowledge was used for protection against the wild surrounding and for maintaining peace & harmony, the ability being handed down from generation to generations. Slowly this knowledge disappeared until the teaching was re-discovered in 1907, the teaching being described as a “Structural anatomy of human inner force, built by the seven purest elements of natural inner strength.

Central Power – breathing training for inner strength

Central Power is a form of inner strength based on special breathing, concentration & internal muscle control techniques, enabling one to centralise several elements within one’s self, such as instinct, senses, energy, awareness, internal heat etc. Each stage marks a step up the ladder towards finding inner peace

Central Power training in its practice provides the individual with the ability to increase stamina, maintain health & fitness within one’s own limitation to its optimum level. It strengthens the solar plexus thus giving the persons concerned the natural abilities to combine breathing control with concentration, resulting in abilities with the control of the blood circulation, self-control over anger & aggression and reducing some degree of stress, anxiety, negative thinking & health related problems. Along with increased self-confidence and a full awareness of a calm & peaceful nature

KIXA physical fitness 


The Kixa fitness program is training to maintain natural health without the need for any equipment, supplements or diet system. The program includes running, sit-ups, press-ups, stretching & Kixa forward position etc . When combine with central Power strengthening your body even more.


With, regular training, students benefit from better control over weight, increased stamina, more flexibility, better balance & co-ordination, working all muscle groups, respiratory & nervous systems, strengthened stomach, back, arm & leg muscles, control over breathing rhythms, less stress & increased mind & body relaxation.

Training now available in Scarborough starting from September 2022

North Bay beach - Scarborough 

Free introductory session on North bay beach - morning training session 7.30-8am

Call 07725537781 to register & details of which morning

Starting  6th October 2022 

Every Thursday  7-8pm

Community Room

YMCA, St Thomas St, Scarborough YO11 1DY

Fitness & Central Power

£7.00 per session, Yearly membership £30