Proteks International was first established in the early 1990's providing the training of Kixa central power to the general public & using the training to promote an anti-drug message within schools. In 2007 Proteks International was re-established.  The aim to help individuals to gain the benefits of being healthier, fitter, and stronger in body and mind. and enable people to gain the ability to deal with negativity, stress, anxiety and enhance their lives and to discover their inner strength; especially, aiming to empower women.  T

History of Kixa 

The rediscovery of KIXA was made by a solitary man from Himalayas called Tagashi. In 1907, Tagashi was travelling in the North of Tibet. There he found an ancient leather-bound book or manuscript written in symbolic form. For forty years he studied the book and made an intensive search for its origin, comparing it with other ancient books kept by the people of Tibet, Nepal, and Himalayas. He named the book the ‘Seven secrets’, having translated the symbols into seven different characters, and originating from a time when wars were non-existent.


He described the teaching as ‘a structural anatomy of human inner force, built by the seven purest elements of natural inner strength’. This knowledge was used for protection against the wild surroundings, and for maintaining peace and harmony. With the invention of war weapons the teaching in the book became less and less practised, until eventually lost and completely forgotten.


In 1947 Tagashi followed the map shown on the last pages of the book, believing this to be the journey made by the person, or persons, who had last been the keeper of the book, to prevent it from being destroyed. During the 16 years period of his journey through Nepal, India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia he taught some 200 students. The teaching was given in secrecy to prevent them misusing the resulting knowledge.


In 1963, Tagashi arrived in Bromo Mountain in East Java, Indonesia. It was there he discovered that the Seventh Secret could be achieved, and it was very much more than the knowledge and ability already achieved. From this moment, Tagashi’s aim was to stay in Bromo Mountain and find the link or method, which separated the ability he had already achieved, from the ultimate knowledge, the Seventh Secret.


During his six-year stay from 1963-1969, some other students from Indonesia met Tagashi. They stayed with him and later, were given the special task of helping Tagashi find the key to unlocking the Seventh Secret. In 1969, one of the students from Indonesia obtained permission from Tagashi to translate the Seven Secrets into ordinary language, including the method of unlocking the Seventh Secret, which had finally been discovered by this same student.


For three years during 1969-1972, this student translated the Seven Secrets in the silent solitude of North Tibet, where the manuscript had originally been discovered, and later at the Bromo Mountain where the first evidence of the Seventh Secret had been found. The translation of the Seven Secrets was called KIXA, meaning the highest stage of Central Power.


In 1976, on the 22nd January, Tagashi died at the age of 89. He was cremated in the crater of Bromo together with the original Manuscript. This was his last wish. He requested that the new Grandmaster of Kixa must put the priority of peace above all the knowledge achieved.

In 1977, 5 years after the opening of the first school of Kixa in Indonesia opened a school in England and three years later in 1980 in America. On the 5th March 1981, the England school became the headquarters of all Kixa schools, as by this time the members of Kixa Schools were from many different cultures and backgrounds – from England, Indonesia, the West Indies, Iran etc


The Grandmaster Lionel mission was for the knowledge of Kixa to continue for future generations and for at least one person to reach grandmaster stage. From that point through the 1990, 2000’s there were a few students who joined the Grandmaster in his fight for someone to achieve the Grandmaster stage and with direct consistent training with him, many regular trips to Mount Bromo, Indonesia & through many, many tests some of these students were able to achieve the Grandmaster stage of GM.AX-16.


In September 2019, the Grandmaster Lionel died, the GM.AX-16’s being now the only recognised holders of the highest stages of Kixa decided to continue the mission to keep the full knowledge of Kixa alive for future generations keeping to the wishes of the Grandmaster Lionel Nasution & Grandmaster Tagashi.


Today Kixa remains, as always, taught amongst the wider range of people and dedicated to Peace.